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Ugly, poorly designed, outdated websites cost dearly to small businesses

If you think a working website and good prices are enough to make sells online, a small Vistaprint survey will prove you wrong !

1818 U.S adults who have visited a small business website in the past answered questions about their expectations and what could cause them trouble.

Keep your website up-to-date

More than 49% of respondents declare that outdated contact information will leave them with a bad impression of your website. Email address, phone number, name of the company and of the manager(s) : Be sure that all of this information is correct and immediately available.

Other important factors to avoid giving a first bad impression :
– Do not leave any product page devoid of description and information (34%)
– If you have a brick and mortar shop specify and keep up-to-date address, directions and hours (41%)

This potential bad first impression is to avoid at all cost because in 60% of cases consumers then declare themselves “less likely” to make a purchase.

On the contrary, up-to-date and accurate content is by far the most important factor to leave a good impression to 68% of customers ! And product information is what they are primarily searching for on your website 45% of the time.

Pay attention to the look and feel of your website

62% of the surveyed say it’s “not very likely” or “not at all likely” they would purchase something on a poorly designed or unprofessional website.

The potential shortfall is huge if your website does not have enjoyable and professional looks. If you are not a graphic / web designer : hire one to create a beautiful interface, the investment will be quickly repaid ! Choosing and match colors, fonts, define a graphic charter are crucial elements that required a real expertise and are not to take lightly.

Also be attentive to user experience : customer path, conversion tunnel, loading and navigation speeds, practicalities (delivery modes and places, returns and refunds policies, etc.).

You will not be treated leniently

Half of respondents report they have the same expectations about the experience they will have on a small business website as they do about that of a large chain.

You are therefore competing with the heavyweights of your sector and you can’t afford to make a mistake !

Some guidelines to improve your E-Commerce

  • If your website is not already live, take your time ! Visitors coming to a half-done, ugly, badly designed website are very likely to leave without buying anything, and will probably never come back.
  • Have attention to detail, but also look beyond your shop : Look at your blog, your social networks, your visual identity. Do you have a defined, professional and strong image ? It is unified and well-presented ?
  • Pay attention to the design and the looks of your shop, and do not try to make a false economy here : A graphic /web designer and a web developer are two skilled worker whose presence is essential, even very much part-time.
  • Write your own unique and clear descriptions. Give all the basic information first, there will still be time to be cute.
  • Gather and keep up-to-date all your information on an “About” page which will also ideally contain your brand story, necessary to create a connection to your clients.
  • Use clean and beautiful products photos, well lighted and as detailed as possible. Hire a pro is necessary.

And of course, keep coming back to read E-Commerce Doctors for more tips 😉

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